Turf Renovation

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Turf Renovator 9" Square
9" square turf renovator with four knock down blades...
Turf Renovator 9" Square - Spare Blades (Each)
Replacement blades for the 9" Square Turf Renovator...
CMW heavy duty turfing Iron
CMW economically priced turfing iron. ..
Turf Renovator (Hexagonal)
This excellent tool will cut hexagonal pieces of turf with ease (7" wide, to a depth of 3 - 4"). Cut..
Steel Soil Sampler - Zinc Plated - 1" Dia.
A heavy duty, hard wearing zinc plated steel soil sampler. 1" diameter...
Aeration Fork Frame
Aeration Fork Frame for use with solid or hollow tines (sold seperately)..
Aeration Fork - Solid Tines
Aeration Fork - Solid Tines, for use with the Aeration Fork Frame (sold seperately)..
Aeration Fork - Hollow Tines
Aeration Fork - Hollow Tines, for use with the Aeration Fork Frame (sold seperately)..
Rotary Hand Seed Slotter
Used for overseeding worn areas on all fine turf areas. The rotary unit will not tear up the surface..
Rotary Hand Spiker
Supplied with handle ..
Penetrometer With Case
This impressive tool helps to measure the compaction of your soil. Instructions for use are provid..
Soil Profile Sampler
Heavy duty shovel type sampler with sharpened and tapered blade to give a clean cut with the minimum..
Rapid Plate Seed Slotter
High quality tool with massive 147 individual 5mm x 4mm tapered spikes on a 300mm x 300mm plate. Ide..
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